Collaborative Modeling with Revit Worksharing and Bluestreak

With the Revit Activity Stream add-on app for Bluestreak, teams who work on a single Revit model can see all worksharing actions on the model to ensure smooth handoffs. When a Revit user saves to central, that action appears in the Bluestreak design stream and is shared with members of the selected Bluestreak group. With Bluestreak Desktop, these actions appear in real time. The latest Bluestreak Desktop, released in April of 2012, includes a new Worksharing tab to display the current synchronization status of shared Revit central files. The Activity tab continues to display notifications from Autodesk applications and team communications as before. And in the Activity tab, team members can post comments or questions related to the saved model, or they can request other group members to synchronize with central models when needed.
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  • Share Revit Worksharing events with your Bluestreak Group through Bluestreak
  • Track relinquishment of Revit objects
  • See Revit Synchronize with Central comments
  • See current synchronization activity on Revit central files
  • Compatible with the Revit Server environment
  • Compatible with the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Revit products


  1. Login or become a member of Project Bluestreak.
  2. Install Autodesk Bluestreak Desktop from the Bluestreak App Gallery
  3. Install the appropriate Autodesk Revit Activity Stream app from the Bluestreak App Gallery. Use the version that matches your version of Revit (2011, 2012, or 2013).
  4. To begin sharing your worksharing activities with your project team, simply return to Revit and synchronize with central. For more information, view the getting started tab.

Getting Started

  1. To begin using the Revit Activity Stream app, open your workshared model, and Synchronize with Central.
  2. When prompted, select or create the Bluestreak group with whom you would like to share your Worksharing activities.
  3. Your Worksharing activities will appear within the selected Bluestreak Group activity stream.

Managing your Revit Worksharing

  1. To manage your Revit Activity Stream sharing, select Manage Sharing from the Revit Add-Ins tab.
  2. From the Revit tab in your Bluestreak Settings page, you can manage the association of your central file with a Bluestreak Group, stop sharing activities, or remove a central model from your list of active models.
  • Learn more about Autodesk Bluestreak
  • Autodesk Project Bluestreak is a project team centric cloud-based collaboration solution that helps AEC project teams collaborate informally and coordinate their work efficiently. Bluestreak simplifies AEC project team communication by consolidating the information silos used alongside design, analysis, and information management applications
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